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1: Amphitheatre At Kourium(sp?) Cyprus.

Ark-2   Harrier-3  
2: Flight deck of HMS Ark Royal.

3: Harrier Taking Off From HMS Illustrious.

Baby Turtle-4   Turtle-5   Me-6  
4: Just Hatched Baby Turtle On Asi (Ascention Islands).

5: Turtle Laying Eggs, Asi.

6: Me, At Comfortless Cove, Asi.

Penguin-7   Tornado-8   KFC-9  
7: Penguin At Berthas Beach, Falkland Islands.

8: Tornado Fly-by, Falklands.

9: KFC Slightly Damaged, Kuwait.

Camels-10   Tooled-11   Choppers-12  
10: Camels On Soudi Road En-Rout To Kuwait (Post_War).

11: Yes We Are Civies, But Fully Geared Up! (Pre-War).

12: A Few US Marine Helicopters At A Soudi Airfield (Pre-War).

Road-13   Ruins-14   Key-15  
13: A Bit Of The Bazra(sp?) Road (Death Vally), Kuwait.

14: Mian Temple, Belize.

15: Ghofs Caye, Belize.

Welcome-16   Bomed-17   Other-18  
16: Des Res Downtown Sarajevo.

17: More Of The Same.

18: The Other Side Of Bosnia, Great Countryside.

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