What Do I Do ?

I am a self employed lighting engineer/carpenter, who also has a background in electronics and woodworking. I do not smoke, but I do drink. My Interests are Computing, Electronics, Music and Reading. I have two children Alexandra (23/2/94) and James (28/6/96).

For quite a few years, I owned equipment to provide lighting for shows/gigs, and worked quite a lot at Leicester University and Leicester Polytechnic (now Demontfort University). I now mainly work as a carpenter.

A Brief CV would show
1976 Left School, 3 'O' levels (Maths,Engineering Science,Technical Drawing)
1976 Worked for Marconi as a 'Portable Appliance and Tools tester'.
1976-1978 Worked for a company who made kitchen units
1978-1980 Worked for GEC/Marconi, who later became Fisher Controls, as a wireman.
1980-1981 Worked for my brother as a carpenter.
1982-1983 Worked as an electronics test/design engineer at a small company.
1983-1986 Worked as an electronics test/design engineer for a medium sized company.
1986- Became self employed (under the Enterprise Alowance Scheme) working as a lighting engineer (This had been a part time thing from when I left school). I still freelance as a wireman or chippy.

My RISCOS computer systems are

An Iyonix PC. Backplane with AtomWide Triple Fast serial port card, PCI serial/parallel card, USR Sportster Voice 33.6 FaxModem, MEDL Trackerball.

An Acorn RISCPC 700 with Kinetic, RISCOS 6, 2 Meg VRAM, 64+64 Meg DRAM, Viewfinder, IDE to compact flash card with card. (not often used)

Software wise, I use !Netsurf, !Zap, !Organizer, !CallerID, !VoiceMail, Messenger Pro, !Prophet3+, !Datapower, !Vector, !TechWrite, !Fireworkz, !Sleuth, !Vigil, !Thesaurus, !Convert, Acorn C++ and many others.

Other computer sytems are (All home built)

Main PC running Windows 7 Ultimate
A server PC running Windows 7 Ultimate with 8TB set as raid5 to store my DVD collection
4 Media PC's running Windows 7 Premium
Server PC with 2 x 500Gig running Windows Home Server, storing photo's and music.

MyMovies3 is used as a server on the WHS machine to clients on the media center PC's

Goto DVD's to see my DVD collection. (Not useable with !Netsurf)

My musical interests vary from Metalica to Kate Bush, but with a 'heavy' bias toward rock.

Reading interests include Science Fiction, Science Fact, Horror.

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