What Do I Do ?

I am a self employed lighting engineer/carpenter, who also has a background in electronics and woodworking. I do not smoke, but I do drink. My Interests are Computing, Electronics, Music and Reading. I have two children Alexandra (23/2/94) and James (28/6/96).

For quite a few years, I owned equipment to provide lighting for shows/gigs, and worked quite a lot at Leicester University and Leicester Polytechnic (now Demontfort University). I now mainly work as a carpenter.

A Brief CV would show
1976 Left School, 3 'O' levels (Maths,Engineering Science,Technical Drawing)
1976 Worked for Marconi as a 'Portable Appliance and Tools tester'.
1976-1978 Worked for a company who made kitchen units
1978-1980 Worked for GEC/Marconi, who later became Fisher Controls, as a wireman.
1980-1981 Worked for my brother as a carpenter.
1982-1983 Worked as an electronics test/design engineer at a small company.
1983-1986 Worked as an electronics test/design engineer for a medium sized company.
1986- Became self employed (under the Enterprise Alowance Scheme) working as a lighting engineer (This had been a part time thing from when I left school). I still freelance as a wireman or chippy.

My RISCOS computer systems are

A Titanium PC.

Various Raspbery Pi's

Software wise, I use !Netsurf, !Zap, !Organizer, !CallerID, Messenger Pro, !Prophet, !Datapower, !Vector, !TechWrite, !Fireworkz, Acorn C++ and many others.

Other computer sytems are (All home built)

Main PC running Windows 10 Pro
A rack mount server PC running Windows Server 2016 Essentials with 30TB raid6 drive to store my DVD collection and 12TB raid6 as other storage

Mezzmo is used as a DNLA server on the Essentials Serve

My musical interests vary from Metalica to Kate Bush, but with a 'heavy' bias toward rock.

Reading interests include Science Fiction, Science Fact, Horror.

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